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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅


Media Partner

figure: Die Tabak Zeitung

"Die Tabak Zeitung" is the leading trade journal for the tobacco wholesale and retail trade. It is an important information and communication platform for trade and industry and supports the marketing chain optimally.


figure: Cigar

Cigar – cigars and zeitgeist – Cigar is the only Swiss magazine dedicated to tobacco in its finest form. The culture of smoking. Background information and close-up portraits of one of the oldest traditions in the world. But Cigar is a lot more than just a smoking magazine. Each issue includes social, economic and cultural aspects of a certain subject. Cigar offers exclusive photographs and well-researched texts. The magazine caters to international, cosmopolitan readers with wide interests. Cigar smokers take their time. Cigar is published quarterly.

figure: Cigar Journal

For over 20 years, Cigar Journal has been dedicated to covering all angles of the cigar world and bringing together the global community of cigar smokers. From reports on the culture of cigar-producing countries and profiles of humidor makers to explanations of cigar science basics and industry news: the cigar is such a multifaceted creation that Cigar Journal has little room for other lifestyle themes.

Abbildung: smokersnews

smokersnews.de is the weekly Internet news service for the tobacco product industry. Members of the sector can read up on the latest developments here. Current and inexpensive. Learn more, find out more, know more, and make decisions faster with smokersnews.de, the fresh, compact, and expert online news service for the tobacco product scene. Readers subscribe to the news service for an annual subscription fee that breaks down to around 0.86 cents per day. Video interviews and seller discussions on key topics ("Ladentheke") are included.

The Shisha Journal acts through its competence and timeliness as a buying consultant and opinion leader for the entire shisha scene. With its attractive and diverse range of topics, Shisha-Journal consistently serves the interests of active smokers, retailers and lounges. Meaningful hookah accessory and product tests support the ambitious hookah smoker as well as the beginner in the purchase decision. Service and user tips complete the segment. 

Verbandsreport is the specialist trade magazine for the lottery, tobacco and the press trade. VR offers practical support and reports about the trade sector: independent, from sellers to sellers and totally free. VR comes out every second month.



Members of the German Federal Association for the Cigar Industry are companies that manufacture, import and sell cigars. For over 60 years, the BdZ has been representing the interests of the German cigar industry and promotes the preservation of this trade with its rich tradition.



As a trade and employers association, the Landesfachverband NRW represents the interests of over 100,000 retail companies of every type of enterprise and size toward state legislators and regulators and toward political parties, authorities and the public.



Bundesverband des Tabakwaren-Einzelhandels e.V. – The German Federal Retail Tobacco Product Association (BTWE) represents the occupational and specialised interests of the sector's retail trade in Germany. It is lobby and service provider for the industry's specialised trade.



Verband des eZigarettenhandels e. V. (VdeH) – The E-Cigarette Trade Association officially took up its work on 19/12/2011. The association strives to provide information on electronic cigarettes as a sensible alternative to traditional tobacco products and to thereby counteract false information issued by public bodies.




In 1992, the most traditional and experienced Cigar Manufacturers in the Dominican Republic formed Procigar. An association whose objectives then, and now, are to defend, protect and divulge the good name of the land of Cigar Country, number one exporter of Premium Cigars in the World.

Preserving this heritage and maintaining the quality on which is built – is the mission of the Association of Dominican CigarManufactures, ensuring the Cigar Country’s continued status as the world’s number one premium cigar manufacturer.

The alliance for tobacco-free enjoyment e.V. (BfTG) has been representing small and medium-sized companies in the German e-cigarette industry since 2015. It acts completely independently of the tobacco industry and is committed to an objective dialogue on the necessary regulations and the health and economic potential of e-cigarettes. Its members include well-known liquid and hardware manufacturers as well as wholesalers and retailers from all over Germany.

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