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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅

Trade show comments from InterTabac

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At InterTabac, visitors can once again expect a promising platform for exhibitors and trade visitors at the most important tobacco industry get-together for retailers, wholesalers and industry. 

We went on a voice hunt and asked numerous industry players about the importance of the world's largest leading trade fair for tobacco products and smoking accessories. On this page you will find a compact and clear list of numerous video interviews that will appear regularly until the next edition of InterTabac. 

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Christoph A. Puszkar, (5th Avenue Products Trading GmbH)

Customer contact as the most important aspect of a visit to the trade fair

In this short interview, Christoph A. Puszkar explains the significance of InterTabac in an international comparison and the importance of maintaining contact with customers from all over the world.  

Frederik Vandermarliere, (J. Cortes Cigars N.V)

The entire tobacco industry in one place

From Australia and Africa to Dortmund: For Frederik Vandermarliere of J. Cortes Cigars, the main focus during InterTabac in Dortmund is on exchanges with players from the retail trade and international trading partners.

Christian Hinz, (GIZEH Raucherbedarf GmbH)

„The largest industry event in the world“

Importers, specialist retailers and industry experts: For Christian Hinz, InterTabac Dortmund is a must-attend event to maintain and deepen the exchange with all the important players in the tobacco industry gathered in one place.

Juliane Urlic, (S.T. Dupont Deutschland GmbH)

"The Place To Be!"

For Juliane Urlic of S.T. Dupont, direct contact with specialist dealers, customers and potential new customers in a dynamic and positive atmosphere is just one of the reasons for her annual must-attend visit to InterTabac in Dortmund.

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