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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅

Import of trade goods

All products that contain nicotine are subject to the tobacco tax. This also includes eliquids!

In Germany tobacco goods are subject to a Tobacco Tax. In addition customs duties and import turnover tax are levied on import. Furthermore a huge amount of prescriptions exist concerning the protection of consumers’ health, for example warnings on cigarette packets. Import tax and duty had to be paid for all products for Inter Tabac – even if they are samples.

To avoid discrepancies with the public authorities we would like to give you a brief instruction about how to import tobacco goods to Germany. It is important to initiate your shipments early enough. The import will be refused if shipments are not in time or without the necessary labeling.

The freight forwarding company Schenker Deutschland AG will be your capable partner and delighted to support you with the shipping and import of tobacco goods to present them at InterTabac trade fair.

You are required to please follow these steps:

  1. Before arranging shipments for InterTabac please contact Schenker Deutschland AG – Mr. Johannes Zimmer – in order to check all required documents. Here you will find the contact details and important information:

    Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einDownload the document (PDF file)

    Please note the given deadlines for shipments and applying for tax stamps.

  2. For customs clearance Schenker Deutschland AG will need in advance:
    - Commercial invoice and packing list
    - Copy of waybill
    - Additionally for tobacco products: Complete invoice and documents from customs office Bünde for the tax stamps. Here you can download the necessary documents and sheets:

     Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einDownload documents and sheets (ZIP file)

  3. Schenker Deutschland AG will guide and assist you through the process.
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