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BUSINESS INSIGHTS: Exhibitors' questions answered

Online platform of InterTabac and InterSupply to be launched on 16 September

Messe Dortmund will be introducing the new Business Insights platform for the twin trade fairs InterTabac and InterSupply on 16 September 2021. The platform will contain up-to-the-minute information on companies, product innovations and trends, plus industry insights, talks and news. In the run-up to going live, Angelika Bauer, project manager of the twin tobacco industry fairs, fielded questions from manufacturers and traders, and talked about the unique opportunities for exhibitors and users on the platform, the business profiles and how to set them up, and the cost and effort involved in running the networking platform all year round.

Dortmund, 10 September 2021 – The twin fairs InterTabac, the world's largest tobacco products & smoking accessories exhibition, and InterSupply will open their doors once again at Dortmund's exhibition centre between 15 and 17 September 2022, playing host to tobacco industry exhibitors from across the world. Business Insights, the new 365-day online platform for exhibitors and trade visitors, will be launched on Thursday 16 September, enabling a multitude of information to be shared until the next physical event comes round – in two languages, as you'd expect, and all under one virtual roof.

What makes Business Insights unique to the tobacco industry?

What is unique is the way it complements the twin physical fairs in a host of areas involving presentation, networking, information sharing and knowledge transfer. The overall package of the fairs in Dortmund and the continuously updated online platform offers industry players and interested parties exciting, comprehensive and up-to-the-minute insights. The business profiles of the companies and brands offer contact options, product news and links to the companies' own websites and online shops. This presence allows companies to achieve international reach, in turn enabling them to grow their visibility to the outside world. SEO-friendly content and direct links also help increase traffic to companies' own websites. This – together the familiarity of the InterTabac and InterSupply names – all goes to create a framework designed to be a significant benefit to those participating in the platform. We've teamed up with capable partners to ensure users get the benefit of a first-hand news-feed to keep them fully up to date. It's this bundling effect – pulling together widely differing categories and sectors – that sets the platform apart.

Where can Business Insights best leverage its strengths?

The Companies section of Business Insights is particularly worthy of note here – this is where companies and brands present themselves to visitors using their own content offering the broadest possible insights into their businesses and their new products and services. One special highlight here is the direct contact section where companies can add details of their product managers, sales people, buyers and points of contact, enabling interested parties to get in touch quickly and easily without having to hunt for information.

What also makes Business Insights special is that the various topics of interest to the industry are pulled together on a single platform in the News, Insights, Studies, Presentations, Talk & Interview sections. This gives visitors access to a full range of information at any time of day or night, offering the tobacco industry's international audience, in particular, the ability to access news and information 24/7 throughout the year. It goes without saying that the platform will be augmented continuously, with features being enhanced and new page areas added.

What's the process for creating a company profile?

Simply navigate to Business Insights at business-insights.intertabac.de/en-gb/profile-upload and use our online form to upload all product descriptions and trends, photos and videos, contact details and points of contact, social media integrations and company profile information quickly and easily to your profile page. Before you do, we recommend viewing all possible profile design features which will help make the process quick and easy, allowing you to assemble the desired content and upload it in just one step.

What should I look out for?

We've put together a guide to help the tobacco industry and retailers get the most out of the platform. This contains the Do's and Don'ts when uploading your profile, ensuring the process goes smoothly and helping you reach your target audience in the best possible way. For example, the guide provides important information on image rights and the ban on tobacco advertising, and on selecting an appropriate design and the right product categories. We also recommend that you create your company profile bilingually for English and German-speaking audiences.

Can I view the finished profile before 16 September?

Sure. As soon as the upload is complete, our technical teams at Messe Dortmund will create the finished profile. Indeed, this is a great advantage for exhibitors, because they don't have to have any programming skills to create a Business Insights profile. Once this step is complete, the finished profile view can be sent to you upon request.

Do trade visitors – i.e. traders, tobacco industry employees/managers/ specialists and other players in the industry – have to register before using the platform?

No. Registration is not required for trade visitors and trade users. Of course, just like the InterTabac and InterSupply websites, Business Insights is aimed exclusively at people aged 18 and over working in the tobacco industry. Because as the world's largest trade fair for tobacco products and smoking accessories, we are committed to a responsible approach in dealing with this subject area.

What costs are involved?

Exhibitors who have already registered for the 2022 twin trade fairs stand to benefit twice over. The corresponding media flat rate for Business Insights is already included in the price! Also, we are offering the industry the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of our convenience and premium packages. Further details can be found in the registration documents.

Naturally, there is no cost to trade visitors or users for visiting the Business Insights platform.

Up-to-date information on the new platform and other highlights plus exhibition news can be found at the exhibition website (InterTabac/InterSupply), LinkedIn or directly via newsletter (InterTabac/InterSupply).

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