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InterSupply meets Roger Penn & Philipp Hertz

“Where is the flavours business heading?” – New expert discussion on the Business Insights digital platform on flavours and additives in the tobacco industry

Roger Penn and Philipp Hertz are guests in the latest InterSupply interview, just published. The experts on flavours and additives have been some of the best-known faces in the industry for many years, especially in the tobacco sector.

Dortmund, 10 December 2021 – In the new video talk, InterSupply presenter Philipp Markl welcomes the two flavours and additives experts Roger Penn and Philipp Hertz. The interview also has a very personal touch, because Penn has known the Hertz family for many decades. The talk explores changes and trends in the market, for example the flavouring of tobacco products using traditional substances such as cocoa, liquorice and vanilla, and the two experts also talk about changing regulatory environments, stricter rules and flavour bans. Penn and Hertz offer exciting insights into growth markets and opportunities, nicotine vaporisers and the future of cannabis in the tobacco industry.

Until his retirement in 2017, Roger Penn was Director of the Tobacco Business Unit at MANE, one of the world's leading companies in the fragrances and flavours industry. He is now an active consultant to the tobacco and flavours industry with his company La Casucha Consulting. Philipp Hertz is founder of FLAVORIQ and managing director of Hertz Flavors, the family business founded by his grandfather in 1954. Over the past decades, the company has grown into one of the world's leading manufacturers of flavours for the tobacco industry.

The regular podcast series “Tobacco & Vape – News & Views” was launched on the Business Insights digital platform in November. InterTabac and InterSupply, the world's leading and largest tobacco trade shows, highlight exciting industry topics together with Tobacco Asia magazine. The podcast is hosted by Thomas Schmid, contributing editor of Tobacco Asia.

The following podcasts have appeared so far:

Podcast #1: “Prohibition and the Nanny State and the How’s/Why’s of Defending the Right to Smoke” – A talk with SIMON CLARK, director of the UK smoker’s lobby group FOREST (Freedom Organization for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco founded in 1979).

Podcast #2: “Upcoming EU Plastic Packaging Requirements and the Tobacco Business” – A talk with HUGO AZINHEIRA, global innovation and marketing director at ESSENTRA.

Podcast #3: “Let's Talk About Snus” – A talk with CECILIA KIRDSTRAND ISAKSSON, director, public affairs, Swedish Match.

Next week, Eric Piras will be a guest on Podcast #4. The long-standing cigar expert in the Asian market most recently worked for Pacific Cigar and Altadis and now runs cigar shops in Hong Kong and a consulting firm for cigars in China. In the discussion entitled “Selling Cigars (and other tobacco products) into China” , Piras gives an overview of how – and whether – it is possible to sell cigars in China, how to level the playing field, and whether it is worth it to try.

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